Diamond Grip Track

Diamond Grip Track

  • Proprietary, Customer Preferred Tread Design
  • Deeper Traction Bars
  • Special "Diamond Pattern" is engineered for sure footing on side slopes
  • Seamless Nylon Belt for Internal Reinforcement
  • Large paddle design aids in water propulsion on Marsh Model Tracksters
  • Manufactured to provide the BEST quality by Goto Camoplast Web Site

The DIAMOND GRIP Difference

With years of customer recommendations in mind, the "Diamond Grip" track is built to enhance the Trackster's performance on any terrain. This high quality reinforced rubber composite (not plastic) molded track is ready to take your Trackster to new heights. Improved traction design has the best balance of superior materials to create unparalleled flexibility, strength and long life.

Why Buy New Tracks?

The question really is... Why risk being miles away from anywhere just to have a 20 year old OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) track tear or break leaving you stranded. Why take the chance that you might have to do a track replacement in the field? Replace them now in the comfort of a warm garage close to home and make your Trackster journey a more secure adventure.


Signs of Impending OEM Track Failure

Cracks and Tears

Cracks in the original OEM tracks are caused by hardening of the rubber due to age, sun and other weather exposure. This places undue stress on the nylon cords in the track. The cracks also trap dirt, sand and water which act as abrasives on the nylon and rubber components. Rapidly, the cords break inside the cracks forming tears that head for the contact area of the bogie wheels and weaken the entire track.



Large tears that allow the bogie wheels to come in contact with the ground place many drive components like bogie wheels, torsilastic springs, seals and drive sprockets at risk. Stones, branches, and debris that would otherwise be prevented from nearing these integral parts, can be jammed through and pinched into holes in the track. Repairs of these assemblies can cost hundreds!



Many times a track may appear to be in sound condition. However, upon closer examination, the bogie wheel landings have worn almost all the way through the track. Where this is most apparent is on the outside of the track between the traction bars. Usually, there is a distinct white cloth area where the rubber has worn away and the cords of the track are actually exposed to the terrain. These are likely candidates to leave you stranded in the backwoods after throwing an entire track.

Why take the chance of throwing a track? Track replacement is far more practical than the time, cost and stress of retrieving your Trackster from the types of places only the Trackster can go. Order Today!

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