Michael's Trackster

The lastest Trackster purchase of Michael Rosholt.


Enclosed Roll Cage - Safety and Comfort


I recently got my trackster running and need to spruce it up a bit. It is a marsh model and it is the second one that I owned. I had My first one about 15 years ago. I sold it to buy another toy and have regretted it since. I went to a muffler shop and had them bend me up two pipes per my dimensions and made a light weight rollbar with cross pieces and I welded it in. That was their biggest down fall - tipping over and people getting hurt. I do upholstery and also made a top with side curtains. It is roasty toasty driving on the lake in the winter. I am tossing around changing the loud engine over to something like a Kohler or Honda. Then it would be perfect.