John's Family Legacy Trackster

John Hulse - January 5th, 2005

These pictures are where my dad and I got the trackster and an old back blade we found to use on the front. The trackster sat up in the weeds for about 15 years. It was my grandfathers. He got it from the gas company.



John Hulse - January 12th, 2005

Hey, I got more pic's of our trackster. The previous pic's showed it running with a 25 hp OMC. The next day I went to plow the drive way and when I got done it quit. My dad and I tried to start it but it wouldn't. So we took the OMC motor out and the cylinder wall on the right side was all cracked. So we decided to replace it with the motor out of our 18hp Craftsman lawn mower. Right now we are in the process of converting it.