Pictures from Tony Kofstad & Duane Bessler


I just thought I would send you a couple of pics of our "Geo-Trackster" conversion. It's kind of an on-going project, we will be going though the rest of the drive line & building a full cab. It will be used mainly for ice fishing. We used a fuel injected [3 cylinder] motor out of a Geo Metro. It really seems to work great. plenty of power. Almost the same weight.

Normal Looking Trackster

We're pretty proud of it so far. I'll send more pics when we get the cab built & new paint. You should hear it run, it sounds very cool. (I'll have to send you a little video soon)

Side View

Rear View

We did use the original Governor & it does work somewhat, we may need to do a little work there to make it better.. Yes, The Fuel injected Geo Metro 3cyl motor puts out around 57-62hp at 5700 RPM (depending on what year). I presently don't have a RPM gauge but I'm guessing we are normally running it around 4500-5000 RPM (the motor has much more torque than the 2 stroke so you can run is slower & still have reasonable power) We got the idea of using a Geo Metro motor from the experimental aircraft people. As far as oil changes, we could pull off the rear fiberglass cover & change it like normal. But, the truth is we'll probably just suck it out the dipstick hole. (less of a mess) The control rod conversion was a little challenging but after a little tweaking it works very well. As for steep inclines.. I guess we never gave that much thought located here in Northern MN where there are no real hills..

front View


It was quite a bit of work doing the conversion (stand alone wiring on a computer controlled fuel injection was interesting to say the least..) But all in all it fit in Trackster very well. We had to cut out the top vents but we have a plan to flip the one on the left over the air cleaner upside down & glass it in so it will kind of look like a air scoop. The one on the right will have the same curve as the rest of the hood. We will also be building a cab & doing a complete paint job. (my partner on this project is also a bodyman so that helps alot!) And of course well have to go through the boogie wheels & possibly upgrade the tracks eventually.



We do have another one to convert (so we each have one) but I would like to actually check out one of the Honda conversions to see how it would compare.. I know this was cheaper. But in all honesty its probably not for the faint hearted.

Update 2007

Just as Tony said, they have completed a Geo Metro conversion of another Trackster and built a nice top.

Front View

Rear View


We (my friend Duane and I) now have two Tracksters that we've converted & built cabs on so here are the pics. BTW in a couple weeks we are going to take some pics out on the lake Ice Fishing with both units. Stay Tuned.

New Cab