Other Tracked Vehicles

Bombadier (Ski-doo) Snow Car(35K) 

Bombadier Snow Car Rear View (37K) 

Modern Sco-Cat (27K)

Trail and Slope Grooming Equipment (12K) 

1966 Bolens Hus-ski (12K)

The KRISTI snowcar

Canadian Passe Par Tout (88K) 

This is a Canadian Passe Par Tout also called a PPT. It was built in Quebec in 1974. The name is french for "Go Over Anything" Very similar to the Trackster, it is a twin tracked ATV loaded with a 400cc Curtis Wright 2 cycle, 2 cylinder engine. It can hold 3 people and can pull 1000 pounds. Same drawbar strength as the Trackster unless you have the 7 tooth sprocket accessory which brings it(the Trackster that is) up to 1500 lbs on the draw bar. The passe par tout is 4 feet wide and 8 feet long with Goodyear built, 3 ply, 12 inch wide rubber tracks.

There were at least 2 different models. The PPT-520 pictured below and the wide track PPT-620.

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The Ridge Runner


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