This Flyer Published in 1969(front side)

hottest invention since the wheel!


Available for delivery, Spring, 1970.

For a real thrill, take the brand new Cushman Trackster anywhere-through snow, mud, sand or mountainous terrain, with ease! You won't believe it, even after you drive it-it's the easiest handling, most exciting vehicle you've ever driven! It fills a real need for sportsmen, conservationists, miners, geophysical explorers and all others who must travel into difficult terrain.

Developed by Cushman and Outboard Marine Corporation, the Trackster runs on tracks instead of wheels, a totally new engineering concept for small go-anywhere vehicles. Because of the low, low center of gravity and unique internal design, the Trackster has excellent balance while climbing the steepest grades.

Tracks that can take anything!

A durable new rubber compound developed by Goodyear especially for this purpose gives the one-piece molded track the toughness to take you anywhere. This new compound combined with special cord construction is hard enough to guide the tracks over the bogie wheel suspension system. The unique cord construction, tested in extremely abrasive desert sand, does not stretch; it's stiff enough to distribute the load between the die-cast aluminum bogie wheels. The result: traction on any terrain.

The go-anywhere Cushman Trackster has 800 lb. capacity, there's ample room for two big men. Yet the vehicle is small enough to fit in the back of a pickup truck or on a small trailer. Large tubular bumpers protect the body.

You won't believe it, even after you drive it?

The operator both steers and controls speed with a specially designed T-handle. The T-handle has feather-touch control of the twin hydrostatic transmission systems --one for each track. Turning response is instantaneous-unbelievable! A slight twist of the handle right or left produces sensitive turning that enables the operator to weave through the thickest forest or up the steepest grades. You can actually!- make spin turns by driving one track forward and one track in reverse; the vehicle turns in its own length! To increase speed, the T-handle is pushed forward. By slowly returning the handle to neutral, the vehicle slows down gradually until both tracks are locked. Reverse is accomplished by releasing the neutral lockout lever and pulling the T-handle to the rear. A parking brake allows the Trackster to be parked on difficult terrain's.

The fiberglass body is watertight; with optional flotation equipment, the Trackster will float with two people aboard. Fishermen and hunters can ford streams and ponds to get to where the big ones are.

Easy to operate, easy to service.

The unique design of the body allows individual components (engine, transmission and axle assembly) to be serviced without the removal of the entire engine. A solid state ignition system provides long engine life. A 12 volt electrical system provides lights, key-operated engine start and charging for the standard automotive battery. The T-handle control, neutral lockout lever, throttle lever, choke, primer and oil heat warning light are conveniently located on the dash panel. With its lightweight, diecast aluminum 25-horsepower 2-cycle engine by OMC, the Trackster reaches a speed of 16 mph. Gasoline capacity is 10 gallons; enough for an average day's operation.

Manufactured by

Cushman Motors